Hello! My name is Nicole Blackburn and yes, I'm the occasionally hungry artist. I never wanted to be a starving artist, nor a completely satisfied one. If you're satisfied you lose some of the passion and fire to pursue creativity, hence, it's good to stay hungry. I'm a Central Illinois graphic designer, illustrator, and writer with a passion for collecting hobbies, vintage treasures, and visual deliciousness. I started this blog to feed my creativity and yours because no artist should truly starve.

My Story

I was basically born with a pencil in hand and I haven't dropped it yet. Growing up in a small town and on a farm lent itself to isolation and thus the fostering of imagination and storytelling. I carried that hunger for creativity all through college where I studied studio art and design and began writing. I continue to try any and every vein of self expression, because how can you know that you can or cannot do something unless you try.